IT Consulting

YMtech will provide your business with an important knowledge and professional advice. We will guide you to make the correct infrastructure decisions for your business.

We understand business owners often find themselves at a crossroads with their current IT systems; we are there to help and suggest a number of possible solutions and let you decide what would be the affordable one for your business.

We not only work in the IT Services space, we study it, we test it and if we are happy with it, we deliver it! We are constantly expanding our knowledge base by keeping ahead of industry latest and best practices. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail; strong technical expertise and high level of communication which will lead us to deliver a truly professional IT services to your business.

Our Process

Clearly defined process needs to precede any changes to your IT infrastructure or new software integration. Key stakeholders need to be consulted, a wide range of possibilities need to be considered before any possible solutions are presented. Before recommending any IT solution we consider all aspects of your specific situation and can then provide a number of options for your consideration.


It is one thing to be able to design a new solution or recommend a new piece of software; it is entirely another to plan for its integration into your existing business systems and processes. To ensure the most time and cost effective project delivery as possible all stages of your project roll out are clearly documented including critical milestones, redundancy and testing procedures.



Our many years of IT project management experience means we are able to efficiently roll out the entire action plan, ensuring all outcomes are achieved on time and to specification. We have managed numerous IT projects and have a good reputation for our quality of execution, on time delivery and minimum interruption to your business.


Post project stage can be exciting and stressing as one. We will be there to walk you through the experience and make sure you satisfied with the outcome. We also have a dedicated support team so you will not be left in the dark.