About YMtech

Established in 2010, YMtech has been providing IT solutions and consulting services for more than 5 years.

We are an IT consulting company, rather than the traditional IT support company. This means that we strongly believe that with the right IT approach and user training, support can be minimized and substituted with maintenance procedures which will happen while your business is past the operating hours.

Documentation is everything; this is where we set ourselves apart. We manage and keep all the documentation for our operations and projects; this gives you the transparency that you need as a business owner. It will also allow you to do a proper tracking and future workflows.

Our main market is small to medium business sector. We also love to take part in a new business establishments; this is because a good start with a proper IT back-end will help every business to have a solid foundation which is scalable, secure and with the right structure in mind.

Our goal is to provide a more personal service that is trustworthy and reliable to businesses that are looking to improve their procedures using the latest technologies.

We understand IT but we also understand business. Our management experience translates into IT solutions which will guarantee beneficial outcome for your business.